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Visit from CORAM Life Space

7 June 2019 (by h.holdsworth)

Pupils from the Prettygate Schools enjoyed the CORAM Life Space experience.

Children in years 1,2,4 and 5 had a great time experiencing the Life Space, with Nancy from Coram, this week. Year 1’s session focused on a healthy body and looked at an interactive model to learn how food, water and oxygen get into the body to give it energy. Their session continued with Harold (the giraffe) helping the children to understand the benefits of a healthy lunchbox. Year 4’s session included a focus on friendship and a trip to a theme park. Through interactive models and images, the children learned how important it is for us to be able to make our own choices and that we can still be friends with other people despite of, and even because of our differences. Harry from year 4 said how much he’d enjoyed going on the spaceship in Diversity World because, ‘it was as if you were inside it!’ The children have really enjoyed the sessions this week and it’s been fantastic  to see them having so much fun while, at the same time, learning such valuable lessons about themselves and their relationships with others.