Year 4

Please note that any plans below are subject to change, as the year progresses.

4FH - Mrs Howe 


4GH - Miss Gibson (Mon, Tue) and Mrs Harvey (Wed, Thu, Fri)

 Year 4 Curriculum Map 2019-20.pdfDownload
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Tasks set by the class teachers are laid out below.  This will be updated weekly.

Week commencing 30.03.20

 Year 4 English 30.03.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Maths 30.03.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Decimals Day 1.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Decimals Day 2.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Decimals Day 3.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Decimals Day 4.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Decimals Day 5.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Science 30.03.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Teeth Labelling 30.03.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Animals and their teeth 30.03.pdfDownload
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Week commencing 23.03.20

 Map of Europe.pdfDownload
 Naming Parts of a Viking Ship.pdfDownload
 Write your name in Viking Runes.pdfDownload
 Year 4 English 23.03.pdfDownload
 Year 4 History 23.03.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Maths 23.03.pdfDownload
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